Side Profiles of Microblading Photos

Why are most photos for Microblading, pictured from the side profile as opposed to the front facing photo’s? 

Like fingerprints, Microblading can display consistent stroke patterns that can be linked to the Artist themselves. Although Artists trained through specific Certification Programs will have somewhat similar protocols, most over time will develop their own signature strokes. 

You will also notice as the brow transitions from the front or inner part of the brow, whether or not it has a smooth or harmonious transition. Most brows should curve into the front of the brow and blend the ¼ of the way towards the full brow. Multiple strokes should be seen within those strokes and the tail should not have a “V” or “Fish Tail” look.

Most of the Artist will keep a consistent strokes which most Clients, especially those that are collecting information, will not always catch when viewing before and after photos of the companies their researching.  I have had (1) Client who was impressed by the work of one company and received her service only to be disappointed with the results. The Client believed that she was receiving the same experience and expertise as displayed in the photo.

When I asked to see the Companies FB page, I noted the different stroke patterns and specifically one that copied and not their own work. It is important to notice stroke patterns and even to go further back within their photo history to see the improvements over time or the experience that comes with it. 

The main reason that I display mostly, not all, side profiles of Microblading, is to view the stroke patterns…and maybe because I am a little obsessed with “Strokes”. Be on the look out for more upcoming Blogs about Our Services. (Next Blog: What to Expect in Microblading)