How do you know if you are getting real Russian Volume Lashes or Clumps of Inexperience?

My absolute favorite lash service is a Russian Volume Lash Set! Although, I can appreciate a great Classic Lash Set, I just love how dense the baseline of a Volume can be, in addition to the fluffiness of the tips. It can be natural and soft, yet it can be transformed into full on drama! 

So what's the difference? 

Russian Volume: 

It consists of 2-6 individual lash hairs that are "hand-made" and applied onto (1) natural lash hair. But don't be scared off by the idea that the more lashes on (1) hair you have, the more damaging it can be. Because with the right person who is trained and qualified to perform the service, you may come to find many benefits to this service, including: Better Retention, Fullness, Fluffier and...dare I say...Better for your Lashes!
How so you ask? 

Russian Volume Diameter                              Classic Lash Diameter

         0.03 - 0.07                                                                          0.15 - 0.25 (+) 

Think of these (2) Columns as weights per lash, with Classics being much heavier individually. We normally, never go past 0.15 in Classics as we value the integrity of a Client's own natural lash. If you were to break it down in the form of an equation, it would look something like this: 

Russian Volume Lash per Natural Hair: (0.05 x 3 Lashes) = 0.15 

So, essentially you can add up to 6 hairs, depending on the health and texture of each Clients natural lash. You could also disguise holes that may be found on a Clients lash line or create a softer or bolder look by how many lashes you add. Better retention also depends if the Lash Technician is "hand making" the Volume Fans, which is then placed using a "wrapping" technique to encase the entire lash or if they are using pre-made fans, which does not have good retention.  

It is also important to note, that it is NOT recommended to go over (1) lash hair that is more than 0.07 in diameter when creating fans and it highly recommended that you go to a trained professional! If the person performing the extensions does not understand the formula to proper lash application in a Russian Volume Lash Set, it may result in permanent hair loss. 

The photo above is poor application from another Lash Technician at a different salon, which made the claim that they were knowledgeable in this service and yet under close examination, the lashes came out in clumps. Your lashes should look uniformed and harmonious and never grouped together! 




Above Photo, not my work!